• Quality Policy:  "The process of quality in VRI should be dynamic and continuous, it will seek the perpetuation and growth of the company, based on persistence to comply with the needs and requirements of its customers, continuously improving products and processes, in order to enable internal and external partnerships, in the pursuit of customer satisfaction and best quality for its products and / or services."

  • Identification and Traceability: VRI implemented in its production process a wide system of traceability of its products, with the identification of batches of raw materials used and the application of bar code on individual products, which allows full control at every step of the process, until the sending of the assembled product to the customer, thus ensuring full traceability of products manufactured.

  • Assembly Standard: We work with the standard assembly according to IPC610 - Class II.

  • ESD: Our production area is protected against electrostatic discharges, our employees receive training to use static protection equipment, with daily testing of using conditions. Anti-static materials used: Heel, bracelet, coat and mob cap.

  • Certification:     ISO 9001:2008: In 1998, VRI obtained certification of ISO 9001, through one of the largest certifying agencies in Brazil and the world. This certification endorses and strengthens the commitment of VRI with respect to its production process and quality of services offered to its customers. Through the involvement and training of its employees, VRI believes that it is possible to seek the continuous improvement of its processes, supported by the Program for Quality Management."

VRI Indústria Eletrônica LTDA

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